Pregnancy is a dance between
two bodies - the mother's
and the baby's.


BIRTH IN MOTION mission is to creatively bridge somatic education and perinatal care, while brining careful consideration to each person in their totality and individuality.
BIRTH IN MOTION is aligned with the paradigms of Humanized Assistance to Childbirth and Birth, guided by scientific evidence and human rights.

what we DO

BIRTH IN MOTION was created by ANNE SOBOTTA to share and teach Prenatal and Postpartum Somatic practices.

BIRTH IN MOTION establishes a way of thinking and feeling with the body in pregnancy and postpartum. This unique practice opens space for transformative experiences while expanding the horizons of expectations and resources for perinatal care professionals and the pregnant/postpartum women under their care.

Through these connections, BIRTH IN MOTION reaffirms the importance of  autonomy and awareness during the process of a woman’s pregnancy, labor and beyond. Autonomy and personal awareness ultimately results in improved overall perinatal health.

BIRTH IN MOTION offers professional trainings, masterclasses, retreats and classes for all pregnant and postpartum people.

Creator of BIRTH IN MOTION, ANNE SOBOTTA developed the concept of Prenatal and Postpartum Somatics.
Anne is a visionary and sensitive mentor who inspires innovation in birthcare.
For more than 17 years Anne has been conducting evolving interdisciplinary research while providing physiological support during pregnancy and postpartum through movement and mind-body practices.  

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