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Anne Sobotta - Birth in Motion
Marla Lopes.

Move & Restore offers a set of exercises and relaxation classes taught by a multidisciplinary team for mothers and their babies during the 1st year postpartum. The classes were conceived in order to complement each other and to move and restore the postpartum body. This content is specifically designed for the postpartum body and mind.

At Move & Restore, our guiding principles are: providing a feeling of being welcome and belonging, caring, cultivating calmness, listening, opening dialogue, bringing balance and connection and an interdisciplinary mindset.

The classes are held in groups, with two 45 min. classes per week taught by our team of professionals. Participants also have access to a selection of recordings.


Restorative Practices with ISADORA MALTA (somatic educator, specialist in perinatal somatic practices, birth and postpartum doula):

This class aims to create a setting for quality rest and relaxation during the often intense postpartum period. The practice uses restorative postures that are held for several minutes using bolsters and cushions for physical and emotional comfort to promote a feeling of relaxation and safety. In addition, mobility exercises are also suggested.

– Mother and Baby Dance with CAMILA MOTTA (Mother and Child Nutritionist, Parental Educator and teacher of the Mother and Baby Dance method):

Dancing along with songs and reflections on a theme chosen for each class. Dance is an important resource that the body uses to express itself which provides emotional fluidity for a new mother. This practice is an invitation to fully live the present moment together with your baby.

– Movement for the postpartum period with MARLA LOPES (physiotherapist, Pilates trainer specialized in pregnancy and postpartum, founder of the L’Équilibre studio):

This class offers simple exercises to care for the postpartum body, teaching good postures and positions in daily life and in caring for the baby. These postures focus on restoring tone in the body, especially the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. The class stimulates pleasurable movements and helps integrate movement practice into everyday life.

– Developmental baby massage with ANNE SOBOTTA (perinatal somatic educator, creator of BIRTH IN MOTION and Move & Restore):

Massage and movement practices for the baby, to support psychomotor development in the 1st year of life after birth.

– And also:

– Monthly live group conversation to share experiences and offer a non-judgemental space for all women who participate or have already participated in the Move & Restore classes.

– Masterclasses with the MOVE & RESTORE team.


  • – Live online classes via Zoom
  • – Every Monday at 10:30 am and Thursday at 3 pm
  • – To participate, you must be between 40 days and 10 months postpartum and have medical clearance
  • *The classes are not intended to provide individual care and are not a substitute for medical treatments.