in between births

from 6 month postpartum onwards

The IN BETWEEN BIRTHS sessions are designed for women who are at least six months postpartum and are willing to explore and rethink their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum experiences through somatic practices. Using the tools of the BIRTH IN MOTION approach, the sessions look at the body holistically, taking into consideration all the variables that may affect physical and mental health in the late postpartum period.

During the session, we focus on listening (understanding your history and challenges), teaching proprioception and interoception tools (listening, feeling, experiencing your body), mobility practice (movement and breathing exercises), regulation of the nervous system (cultivating a state of calmness and confidence) and careful analysis of possible physical complaints (pain or dysfunctions) in order to suggest a path for a return to homeostasis.

The sessions also allow you to think and plan a new pregnancy, in a more confident and informed way.




    • 1.5 to 2h duration   

      • at Studio C [ ALMA ], Praça de Portugal, nº 7 R / C A, Odivelas, Lisbon.   

      • or at Espaço Viver Mais, R. Raquel Roque Gameiro 18. Jardim Zoológico, Lisbon.

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